Zou een Audi Quattro-truck als deze kunnen slagen, waar de X-Klasse van Merc niet?


Mercedes-Benz’spickup truck experimentdidn’t go that well but couldAudisucceed where its crosstown rival hasn’t? If Audi were to make a pickup truck that looks like this, we think it would have a fighting chance.

What you’re looking at is an independently made study dubbed the Audi Quattro Truck byRaleigh Hairewho’s experience includes internships at Ford’s Dearborn Advanced Automotive Interior Design and VW’s Exterior Design teams.

Whereas the X-Class was largely marketed for its luxury, this Audi pickup seems to be about go-anywhere ruggedness that would allow it to go after popular models like the Ford F-150 Raptor.

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Underpinning the Quattro Truck is a unibody frame that incorporates a battery pack mounted in the floor. The frame of the unibody doubles as the A- and C-pillars to give the vehicle the strength it would need to tackle the harshest of environments.

While Stuttgart’s Nissan-based X-Class adopted a rather soft and approachable appearance, the Audi Quattro Truck is all about aggression. This is particularly evident from the front where there are thin LED headlights, a blacked-out grille, bash plate, and fog lights subtly incorporated into the hood. Elsewhere, the truck sports forward-facing LEDs on the roof as well as a set of big off-road wheels and tires that give it mountains worth of ground clearance.

Other key areas of the design include the rear with sharp taillights and a folding tailgate. To make the truck perfect for loading on and off motorcycles, there are loading ramps integrated to slide away under the bed.

There have been rumors floating around online in recent years indicating thatAudicould launch a pickup truck but we remain unconvinced. However, if it were to look like this, you wouldn’t hear us complaining.


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