YouTube-artiest “repareert” nieuw BMW M4-ontwerp, zegt dat de M3 er beter uitziet – auto-evoluti


The oversized grille on thenew BMW M4must have been criticized a million times. But after seeing this hot new sports coupe during its official debut, you began to understand what the Germans were going for – in-your-face styling.

After a controversial or very important car debut, there’s nothing better than a YouTube video by TheSketchMonkey to discuss the design or “fix” the problem. And in the case of the M4, he argues that the grille itself isn’t the main problem. Also, apparently, the M3 is better looking than the M4.

His two cents is that the M4 has three shoulder lines (on each side), so it looks like the car has a broken collarbone… something to do with wrinkled paper… we don’t really get it. But seriously, that car could have toes for door handles, and you wouldn’t notice.

On this subject, we don’t quite agree. Sports cars are supposed to look a little weird. Objectively speaking, a Lamborghini Countach is strangely shaped, but in its winged wedge magnificence, it became the coolest supercar of its era.

Just like the Countach, the M4 is a flashy shape, has strange lines and an aggressive stance. The M3’s sedan body struggles to compete in this dark green. Time will tell which one is more popular, and just to make things interesting, BMW is also making theM3 wagon.

But we’re actually here just to check out the Photoshop transformation video where the artist messes around with that front end to make it look different. Instead of going back to the old kidney grille design from the last M3, TheSketchMonkey chooses to make double squares, a bit like on the 7 Series, which proved to be a sales success.

We believe these M cars will also dominate sales charts. Not only do they offer class-leading performance and technology, but they are also more diverse than ever.

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