Volkswagen I.D. BUGGY-concept


Acura Type S Concept

The NSX has finally started to shake the Acura lineup with the debut of the Type S concept. It’s been a decade since a Type S has been seen from Acura and the concept car points towards a much-needed change in Honda’s luxury lineup. The Diamond Pentagram grille is still recognizable, but with a much smaller size that fits the crisp, taut lines and lower stance. The fastback silhouette has windows with no pillars — just tight gaps in the window glass, an interesting design that we hope to see on the production model. Quad exhaust outlets and 21″ wheels with Brembo brake calipers visible beneath them a hint at the performance of the Type S, but Honda offered no details about what lurks under the hood. The Type S will be on public display during the Monterey Car Week.

Land Rover Back Packer Concept

Land Rover made its name by going nearly anywhere on Earth that could be reached with four wheels. Designer Edwin Senger has taken the basic DNA of Land Rover and distilled it down into a concept vehicle that not only can take you into the great outdoors — it also doubles as your shelter once you’re there. Dubbed the Back Packer, this EV is imagined as modular offroad transportation that is booked like a hotel. Configurable storage and equipment options are noted ahead of time, with everything customized for exactly what you need for your trip. The two-seater’s roof is designed to double as a tent, with a flexible solar sail for recharging the batteries. While definitely not ready for the production line, Senger’s concept is an exciting look at what is possible with EVs in the not-too-distant future.

Photos: Edwin Senger

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