Toyota verwacht duidelijk dat de vierwielaangedreven Toyota Camry veel populairder zal zijn dan de Subaru Legacy


Byon February 27, 2020

2020 Toyota Camry AWD 2 - Image: Toyotanot that one;this one) has Toyota fielded an all-wheel-drive Camry in the United States. And just as Toyota exerts its control in the overarching midsize car segment with a heavy hand, the automaker expects to do the same in the all-wheel-drive sub-segment of the same category.

Toyota has designs on 50,000 annual Camry AWD sales in the United States.

Oh, Subaru Legacy, where doth Toyota’s success leave thee? In the shadows.

2020 Subaru Legacy Sport - Image: SubaruWards Autos’report describing Toyota’s plans to generate 15-17 percent of its U.S. Camry volume from AWD variants, there’s no suggestion that those sales are going to come exclusively at the expense of the Subaru Legacy, or the Nissan Altima for that matter. More likely than not, the typical sale of an AWD Camry is going to occur for one of two primary reasons: at the expense of the FWD Camry, or as an effective means of stopping a member of the Camry family from migrating out of the segment.

But when a powerhouse brand expands it portfolio in a segment where its status as a powerhouse player is already so deeply entrenched, it only makes sense for existing niche candidates to be concerned. According to Toyota’s general manager for vehicle marketing and communications, Heather Updegraff,Wardssays half of Toyota’s 12 regions are anticipating a mix of30-60 percentall-wheel-drive Camrys. You wouldn’t be placing a risky bet if you gambled on those six regions being in traditionally strong Subaru zones: New England, Pacific Northwest, Mountain, for example.

(According, 19 percent of Nissan Altima inventory is made up by the AWD variant. Early reports suggested 25 percent of Altima buyers were choosing AWD, withup to 50 percent of northerly buyersopting for four-wheel traction. After tumbling 37 percent between 2015 and 2018, Altima sales in 2019 were flat.)2020 Toyota Camry AWD - Image: ToyotaInstagram.

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