Subaru werkt blijkbaar samen met Toyota voor een nieuwe WRX STI


Image: Subaru

Rumor has it thatSubaru, afterToyota’sshares in the company increased from sixteen to twenty percent, could be teaming up with Toyota for the newest iteration of the WRX STI. Possibly even more interesting is the fact that the duo would be abandoning the WRX’s four-door body style to get back to the model’s first-gen roots.

Everything is pretty much in the “word on the street” phase right now, but Japan’sBest Carwebsite has caught the attention of plenty of auto enthusiasts with this latest rumor. Subaru and Toyota are reportedly working together on a shared WRX platform that could potentially have connections to the Yaris WRC and something called the “Super AWD.”

The two-door WRX would apparently use an updated version of the 2.0-liter turbo engine with more power while retaining its six-speed manual transmission.

FromBest Car:

If all goes well, the new WRX STI will make its debut around 2021–2022 with new technology.

Aside from this, a scoop team survey has shown that there is a high possibility that a one-size compact Super AWD machine equivalent to the previous Impreza STI will be produced jointly with Toyota.

As you can tell, literally nothing here is confirmed. It’s all pretty much rumor and hearsay and who-knows-what-could-happen. But I have to be honest, a Subaru-Toyota two-door WRX admittedly sounds like it would be pretty badass.

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