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Should rumors from Japan prove true, we’ll have aSubaruEvoltis next year. That’s the rumored name for the brand’s first electric car, likely theSUV coming from a Toyota partnershippreviously confirmed last year.

The rumor comes from Japanese websiteResponse, though the “Evoltis” name has a little more credit to it. Subaru trademarked the name in the US two years ago, and although trademarks aren’t the best automotive compass, they do provide indicators. The brand didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

The report suggests Subaru will use the 2021Tokyo Motor Showto debut the electric SUV, though news on a Toyota version wasn’t mentioned. Toyota’s been slow to introduce any purelyelectric carsas it’s focused on hybrid solutions for the US instead. If theRAV4 Hybrid‘s success is any indication, the automaker’s done well with that approach so far.

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Subaru’s only electrified model remains theCrosstrek Hybrid, which borrows plug-in hybrid technology from Toyota. The Evoltis, if that’s its final name, would mark a huge step forward for the brand as a battery-electric vehicle. Subaru and Toyota said in their joint announcement surrounding an EV platform that we’d first see an electric SUV on a built-from-scratch EV platform. In the future, the platform should support numerous other body styles.

Outside of EVs, the two automakers also plan to collaborate once again for anext-generation Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.

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