Opel / Vauxhall daalt naar verluidt tegen Mokka X, nieuwe generatie wordt volgend jaar verwacht


Opel and Vauxhall have decided to pull the plug on the 7-year old Mokka X, with the only examples still available being found in dealer lots.

Production actually ended back in June, according toAutocar, yet the Mokka X still appears on the official websites in the UK and Germany, from £20,645 ($26,581) and €20,495 ($22,558), respectively.

We reached out to thetwo sister companies, hoping to find out why they took such a sudden decision and kept quiet about it, and will be updating this story as soon as we hear from them.

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Meanwhile, the two PSA-owned brands are prepping thesecond generation of the Mokka X. The subcompact crossover should premiere in 2020, probably at the Geneva Motor Show in March, and joining the usual petrol and diesel engines will be a zero-emission model. The EV will share the PSA architecture with the ICE-powered versions, as well as the new-gen Corsa and Corsa-e,Peugeot 208 and e-208, 2008 and e-2008 and DS3 Crossback.

Aside from the new underpinnings and powertrains, as well as the enhanced styling and new technologies, the second-gen Mokka X will grow in size. This will allow it to set itself apartfrom the Crossland X, which will remain the automaker’s entry-level crossover.

Since 2012, when production of the Mokka X started, until September 2019, Opel and Vauxhall sold almost 900,000 units, according toCarSalesBase, with a 169,886 peak in 2017.

Update:A Vauxhall spokesperson has confirmed the action, telling us that the next-gen Mokka X is due in 2020 with a battery-electric option.

“After a hugely successful seven years on sale, and with over 200,000 sold in the UK alone, Mokka X order banks have now closed, though cars will still be available from stock through our dealer network for a limited period. An all-new next-generation Mokka X SUV will be fully electrified, and go on sale in 2020.”

“In addition, Vauxhall has also announced seven more electrified vehicles: the Grandland X Hybrid4 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and battery-electric versions of the all-new Corsa,, and the next generation Astra, Combo Life and Vivaro Life, as well as the Combo Cargo and Vivaro vans.”


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