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Byon July 15, 2019

2019 Nissan Kicks front quarter

2019 Nissan Kicks SR

1.6-liter inline four, DOHC (122 hp @ 6300 rpm, 114 lb/ft. @ 4000 rpm)

Continuously-variable transmission, front-wheel drive

31 city / 36 highway / 33 combined (EPA Rating, MPG)

34.0 (observed mileage, MPG)

7.7 city / 6.6 highway / 7.2 combined (NRCan Rating, L/100km)

Base Price: $21,015 US / $25,341 CAD

As Tested: $23,330 US/ $26,164 CAD

Prices include $1,045 destination charge in the United States and $1942 for freight, PDI, and A/C tax in Canada and, because of cross-border equipment differences, can’t be directly compared.

I’m not a well-traveled man. While I’ll happily drive for fifteen hours or more from my Ohio home, I rarely fly anywhere — and now that I have kids, the expense involved in winging it keeps my wallet firmly in my pocket as I gird for some windshield time. Accordingly, other than a couple of very brief hour-long jaunts to Niagara Falls and Windsor, I’ve never traveled out of the US.

But this publication — and, ultimately, my paycheck — comes from Canada. Thus, I’ve been casually dreaming of a road trip to the Great White North, exploring where many have been before — and doing it like a local. I’d stuff myself with poutine, Timbits, and donair, all while driving the unofficial car of Quebec — the dirt-cheap Nissan Micra.

I’ve yet to apply for a passport. But I have Tim Hortons here in Ohio, and I can drive something close to the Micra – the 2019 Nissan Kicks. Sure, it’s a crossover rather than a microcar, but the essence remains. Cheap, efficient, cheerful, and not-at-all sporty make for an appealing package to this dad on a budget — especially as one of the kids will be driving in a couple of years.

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