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More Supra stuff inbound!


Excellent news today, dear Roadshow readers. We’ll be treated to moreToyota Supramodels and the Gazoo Racing badge will make its way to more vehicles in the US.

Jack Hollis, theToyotabrand’s vice president and general manager, said in a phone interview Monday, “there are some things down the road” with reference to the Supra name. While Hollis wouldn’t expand on what specifically’s in the pipeline, it’s simply reassuring to know the automaker won’t take its foot off the gas when it comes to the car. Certainly, we could seemore performancefrom the sports car, and rumors dating back years pointed to the possibility of some sort of hybrid technology to augment performance. Of course, that’s only speculation and not confirmed.

Above all, maybe the company will finally toss a stick shift in the Supra. That’s just a personal wish from me, Toyota, but I think I speak for many other fans.

Aside from Supra, Hollis also spoke about Gazoo Racing and said, “GR products will continue to be coming to the US,” and the badge will “grow” locally. The comments come just as Toyota launches theYaris GRabroad, though the potential for the car seems slim in the US. The Yaris GR is a totally different animal compared to the standard Yaris on sale in the US — they don’t even ride on the same platform.

Hollis’ comments do jive, however, with the idea of aCorollaGR.Car and Driver reported last month the automaker will plop the Yaris GR’s turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine under theCorolla Hatchback’shood to give Toyota a proper hot hatchback. The tiny engine puts out a mighty 268 horsepower and it sounds bonkers. Supposedly it won’t be ready until 2022, however.

We can sleep a little more soundly knowing Toyota has more performance on the way. And you should, too.

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