Maisie Williams-kanaal van Audi en Game of Thrones Frozen voor Super Bowl-advertentie – Roadshow


Audi’snewSuper Bowl adrelies on the star power of Maisie Williams, the music of Frozen andelectric cars. It’s an… odd mix for sure.

TheGame of Thronesactor, an advocate for action on climate change, finds herself behind the wheel of anAudi E-Tron Sportback, when she’s suddenly stuck in congestion, surrounded by old vehicles and an old way of motoring. Suddenly, we’re danced away into song as Williams breaks into every toddler’s favorite jam, the Frozen anthem Let It Go.

In this instance, the tune is the backdrop to a change in the way we use cars and what powers them. Williams, belting out the song, passes by a crew of low-riders, a repair shop and a gas station suddenly ready to close down, thanks to battery-electric cars like hers. The entire ethos is to leave the fossil-fuel world behind, and Audi wants to be at the forefront of that change.

Whimsical and positive it may be, but it could be a smidge polarizing to some folks tuning into the big game. The hot rods and mechanics it shows as obsolete are ingrained in the automobile industry today and are, well, sacred to some.

Nevertheless, we’re in for more of this, and Audi is taking this message global. The company said this ad kicks off a recharged campaign reprising its famous “Vorsprung durch Technik,” tagline, which translates to “Lead by technology.” Audiences around the world will see the same ad.

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