Kia geeft toe dat het werkt aan een pick-up met dubbele cabine voor Australië


Kia Australia has revealed that it is working on a dual-cabpickup truck, but it is unknown if the vehicle will be sold in other markets as well.

We’ve known for quite some time that Hyundai intends on putting its Santa Cruz pickup into production, and while it would be easy to presume that Kia would simplyrelease a re-badged versionof that model, it won’t. Instead, the pickup that Kia is working on will take the fight to the likes of the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux.

Speaking withCars Guide, Kia Australia chief operating office Damien Meredith said “work has begun” on the new pickup, adding that the company is “talking about a dual-cab, a single-cab – what we’ve requested is the full gambit for the ute, and that (includes) a dual-cab with diesel and petrol (options).”

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Kia hasn’t yet given the project the green light, but by chasing after the likes of the Hilux and Ranger, it will be diving headfirst into one of the most competitive segments of the market, particularly in Australia where these types of vehicles are the country’s best-selling vehicles. Nevertheless, the South Korean automaker is confident with what it can deliver.

“When a light commercial range does arrive in Australia, I’d be confident we’d be looking around that eight to 10 per cent market share in that range,” Meredith said. “Great product, great pricing and a seven-year warranty – it’s a pretty powerful package.”

As forHyundai’s Santa Cruz, it will be a smaller ‘lifestyle’ pickup and likely arrive sometime in 2020 or shortly thereafter. It could be based on the Hyundai Tucson.

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