Kia-bestanden handelsmerk voor mogelijk volgende logo en het straalt futuristische vibes uit


ByIzza Sofia,18 Dec 2019

Image viaPavel Shlykov /

Automotive company Kiahas filed a trademark for what could be its next logo, and it sure serves some futuristic vibes.

The wordmark wasfirst discovered in aSouth Korean trademark filing, and it looks more upscale and stylish as compared to the previous emblem, with its serifs shaved off and glyphs joined to form a “sawtooth wave,” asCreative Bloqdescribes it.

The letter “K”appears almost alike the connecting “I” and “A,” and the removal of the crossbar in the “A” has helped make the logo minimal yet pleasing.

A similar emblemwas first spotted on Kia’s electric concept car ‘Imagine by Kia’ at the Geneva motor show back in March. Though this isn’t the same logo, it is good to note that the design has gone through further revisions to get to the current one.

Though the presentdesign has yet to be approved by the trademark office, let’s best hope that it will appear on Kia’s cars in the future.

— Muca Arts (@MucaArts)December 18, 2019

Love the new Kia logo! 👏🏻

— Logo Geek (@Logo_Geek)December 17, 2019

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— Carandbike (@Carandbike5)December 17, 2019

[viaCreative Bloq, opening image viaPavel Shlykov /]

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