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I like BMWs a lot, but their recent styling hasn’t always done it for me. Too many planes going in directions that don’t make sense, too much detailing on the fascia. But sometimes a photo captures something you don’t see, and that’s what’s going on here in my view.

We’ve got two shots of an M4 and another of an M760iL. Cars from two ends of the M car spectrum but they both look stunning here, especially under those stars.

These photos come from Mike D’Ambrosio, who took them at an event at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. If you like them, have a look athis tutorialfor the light painting technique he’s got going on in these shots. If you want to see more of Mike’s photos, check out his Instagram righthere. Oh, and if you like that top shot and want the full-resolution version, click righthere.

You know the drill. Weekend Wallpapers are usually featured on the weekends.

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