Hyundai's volgende elektrische raceauto verwijst naar de toekomst van sportieve elektrische voertuigen voor op de weg


Hyundai’s electric sports car ambitions didn’t end with aspruced-up Veloster. The automaker hasunveiledan RM20e Racing Midship Sports Car that not only promises to boost its motorsport plans, but reflects the “next generation” of N performance cars — it’sbilledas the company’s first “high-performance” electric sports car of any kind. It’s powerful, as you’dexpect from racing EVs, but Hyundai is also promising a balanced design that could even be ready for the street.

As the name implies, the 810HP motor sits at the middle of the body. That not only lets the RM20e reach 62MPH in less than three seconds and 124MPH in 9.88 seconds, but allows for the traction, balance, and braking you’d hope for in a race car. Even so, the design supposedly offers “daily-driver quietness” and responsiveness.

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