Honda brengt Android Auto naar Gold Wing-motoren


Honda was the first tobring Apple CarPlay to motorcyclesin 2017, but it has left Android-toting fans hanging ever since. Now, though, you won’t have to be picky about the phone you carry when you cruise. The company hasrevealedthat its current-generation Gold Wing bikes (that is, ones after 2018) will get Android Auto support in the middle of June. It won’t be a fundamental break from the familiar experience, but that’s more than enough — you can navigate in Google Maps or stream YouTube Music while leaving your phone safely stowed away.

Both Android Auto and CarPlay are coming to more bikes in the the future, so this won’t be a one-off upgrade. Either way, it’s clear that Google is keen to spread Android Auto to more places. With badges likeHarley-DavidsonandBMWdelivering Android Auto updates, you won’t have to worry quite so much about whether a potential new ride will pair nicely with your phone.

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