Hoe 'Mindhunter' van Netflix een van de moordenaars in het zicht verborg lang voordat hij hem als verdachte onthuld


Netflix’s drama series “Mindhunter” isbased on the real events of FBI investigations in the 1970s and 80s, and the newest season ends with the arrest of a man named Wayne Williams. He is not identified until the final minutes of the penultimate episode, but careful viewers might have noticed Williams made an appearance earlier on the season.

On the sixth episode of season two, FBI agent Holden Ford and the Atlanta police department are conducting a search in Rockdale. As press and onlookers rush towards the police activity, Williams runs up and photographs the FBI agents getting into their car and then turns around.

Williams appeared on the sixth episode of the season, though his character is not introduced until the very end of the eighth episode.

The scene ends quickly, and no added attention is given to Williams at the time, but viewers who were already familiar with the Atlanta Child Murders and Wayne Williams likely recognized the convicted man before any of the characters on “Mindhunter” did.

“Mindhunter” has always taken extra care when it comes to the casting and costuming for the actors playing real convicted murderers and serial killers. So those who already knew about the arrest of Wayne Williams might have been on the lookout for an actor on the show who bore a resemblance to the real man.

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Actor Christopher Livingston as Wayne Williams (left) and the real Wayne Williams (right).
Netflix and Bettmann/Getty Images

It’s not until the season two finale that Agent Ford realizes Williams has a press credential and was photographing the police searches in areas where bodies had been found.

In Ford’s opinion, this is further evidence that Williams must be responsible for the serial killing of children in the Atlanta area, since the FBI’s research is beginning to show that compulsive killers will return to the locations where they took a person’s life.

By showing the audience at home that Williams was on the search site, “Mindhunter” gave a quick nod to this revelation before any of the characters on the show had caught on.

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