HIGH-ROLLER HEARTACHE: gokkers zouden miljoenen hebben verduisterd om verliezen te financieren – Toronto Sun


“In Las Vegas, nothing ends very well.”   — Walter Wykes

For two high-rollers, they probably wish their troubles did stay in the desert gambling mecca.

Robert Alexander — a gamer from central casting — often boasted about his role in the success of Grand Theft Auto and a board member of the company that owns the game.

He hobnobbed with Shaquille O’Neal and other luminaries.

But Alexander developed an insatiable taste for the crap tables of Vegas and is now accused of embezzling at least $1.3 million, using his company as his personal piggy bank.

Gambler Robert Alexander, second from left, is in a world of hurt.GETTY IMAGES

And where did that money go? According to theNew York Post,court documents suggest $404,000 went to the casinos while $579,000 went to his personal credit card bills.

Alexander also paid off his daughter’s BMW and the cost of her education at the Culinary Institute of America.

When he sold his company, the Chicago native got a $30 million windfall which his gambling eventually flushed down the toilet.

“He had the gambler’s mentality. Robert prided himself on comebacks in the casino and thought he could manage one in his business,” one former employee told thePost.

He was arrested last week on Long Island.

Poker pro Dennis Blieden is accused of embezzling $22 million to support his gambling habit.

Meanwhile, a financial services executive turned poker pro has been arrested and accused of embezzling $22 million to support his gambling habit.

The FBI arrested Dennis Blieden, 29, at his Las Vegas home on Wednesday and charged him with 11 counts of wire fraud, identity theft and forfeiture.

As vice-president for a social media “influencers” marketing firm called StyleHaul, the feds say he stole $8.4 million to purchase cryptocurrency.

He then gambled the cash away in online poker tournaments. Blieden would lose at the table and then allegedly stole more.

But in 2018, accounts began noticing irregularities that revealed millions in missing money, theDaily Beastreports.

StyleHaul closed in June and is suing Blieden. He faces 200 years in prison on the federal charges.

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