Hier is One Take On Volvo's aankomende XC100 Flagship SUV


This global infatuation with SUVs does not discriminate when it comes to size, which is whyMercedesand BMW didn’t shy away from creating direct rivals to the likes of theRange Rover, Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator.

However, this full-size luxury SUV segment is about to get even more crowded, with the GLS and the X7 reportedly awaiting the arrival of Volvo’s range-topping XC100 model, which according toAutonews, has already been shown to U.S. dealers.

TheSwedish flagship SUVis said to ride on an updated version of the brand’s SPA platform, and will be roughly 7 inches (178 mm) longer and 5 inches (127 mm) wider than the XC90. This means it will be even more spacious inside, with room for both six as well as seven, depending on configuration.

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While little is known about the model, one individual who saw it reportedly described it as “an XC90, Range Rover, [Rolls-Royce] Cullinan all in one.”

Now that’s the type of statement that really tickles our fancy, because Volvo have been buildingsome really handsome modelslately, and we’re quite curious to see their modern design language applied to something more imposing like an XC100.

Alas, these renderings byKolesaserve as a small taste of what might come. The designer clearly took an existing XC90 and modified the front fascia to include sharper headlights, a restyled bumper and bolstered the size of the grille. For some reason, he also gave the SUV new door handles, which makes for a weirdly interesting touch.

Moving towards the back, we notice that theXC90’s linear shoulderline becomes more pronounced on this hypothetical XC100 as it goes over the rear wheel arch. Speaking of the rear, it looks simple enough, with a full-width light band uniting the two taillights. We doubt that’s what Volvo’s doing with the real-life product though.

Sweed, when can I order mine?

Well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. According to the same report, the XC100 won’t go into production until the second half of 2023, with anelectric variantto follow sometime in 2024.

Of course, without any official confirmation from Volvo, we definitely need to take all of this with a grain of salt.

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