Hier is een mogelijk nauwkeurige smaak van de nieuwe Opel Mokka uit 2021


Whilesmall French crossoversmight not be to everyone’s liking, they happen to be very popular across Europe, which is why the next-generation Opel/Vauxhall Mokka X could prove highly successful, especially now that PSA is lending a hand.

The2021 Mokka X, which might actually drop the X moniker, is said to ride on the PSA Group’s EMP1 platform, shared by the Corsa F,second-gen Peugeot 208and the DS3 Crossback.

It was only recently that our spy photographers managed tocapture a prototypeundergoing cold weather testing in Sweden, and while it was fully camouflaged, certain design features weren’t that hard to make out – such as the overall shape or theOpel GT X Experimental-likeheadlight graphics.

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With that in mind,Kolesawasted no time and brought us these renderings that show the new Mokka from both a front and a rear 3/4 angle. Of course, some of those features are based purely on speculation, but things like the C-pillar shape, hood design and overall form don’t seem that way off, especially if we factor in a little2020 Corsadesign influence.

In other words, we wouldn’t be surprised if the real 2021 Mokka looked a lot like its unofficial digital counterpart here, especially since it needs all the visual prowess it can get in order to compete in such a competitive segment, dominated by the likes of the Renault Captur, Peugeot 2008 and VW T-Roc, among many others.

One of the new Mokka’s biggest selling points could be its zero emission characteristics, with a Vauxhall spokespersontelling usa few months ago that “an all-new next-generation Mokka X SUV will be fully electrified, and go on sale in 2020.”

Other improvements over thecurrent variantshould include a considerably more modern interior with a new dashboard design, flat-bottom steering wheel, new infotainment software and possibly an optional digital gauge cluster.

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