Het marktaandeel van minibusjes bedraagt ​​nu 2 procent in Amerika en het wordt snel erg


Byon February 18, 2020

2019 Honda Odyssey - Image: Honda

USA minivan sales chart 2004-2019 - Image: © TTACIt wasn’t even three years agothat Honda believed the U.S. minivan marketwas “stable at around half a million,” and that the company’s share of that market “is pretty well spoken for” at 125,000 units. The 25-percent market share figure is not outlandish – the Odyssey’s 99,113 sales in 2019 translated to 24 percent of the segment. But Honda’s belief in the size and stability of the minivan segment in 2017 now proves to be unrealistic. 2019 was the lowest-volume year for the Odyssey since 1999, the year Honda released its first proper sliding-doors people carrier. Instagram.

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