'Het is geen klimaatverandering dat is het probleem' – rallyveteraan Ari Vatanen spreekt zich uit over Greta Thunburg en de toekomst van de autosport


“Wherever I can slide sideways”. That is Ari Vatanen’s answer when asked what his favourite rally is. “Driving on rails is very monotonous, you have to go sideways”.

The Finnish rally driver did, after all, spend a majority of his professional career sideways in either a Ford Escort RS1800 and Peugeot 205 Turbo 16. After winning the 1981 Championship, he went on to take home several victories during the Group B years. Few drivers can claim to have mastered the golden days of rallying as Vatanen did with his nimble Peugeot.

“People are so nostalgic about Group B,” he says. Even after all these years he says he is still recognised on the street in France every day.

The turbo-charged, four-wheel-drive…

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