Ghosn eindelijk toegestaan ​​om te spreken met vrouw


Byon November 22, 2019

Carlos Ghosnvarious charges we’ve covered to death, Japanese courts decided last April that it was too big of a risk to let the couple interact. The fear was that the duo would somehow conspire or possibly tamper with evidence.

The suspension of their separation appears to be limited event, however. The Tokyo District Court only agreed to allow a single meeting after Ghosn’s legal council began pushing for softer bail conditions over the summer. 

According toAutomotive News, the couple was allowed to speak while being supervised by a lawyer and were explicitly forbade from discussing the legal case. Mrs. Ghosn last saw her spouse after he was (re)released in April, before being taken into back into custody. Since then, they’ve not been allowed to have any contact.

During their time apart, Carole has openly accused the Japanese government of having a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality, claiming its treatment of her husband is unacceptable — even comparing it to a hostage situation. One of her biggest criticisms is the amount of time it has taken the prosecution to build its case. She claims he was arrested without sufficient evidence and fears he’s being held until they find some. The solution, according to her, is to have him extradited to France in order to stand trial. She’s sought political support in Europe to make it happen.

“This court decision is valid only for this one time, and we are not sure if the court will grant another chance, going forward,” Ghosn’s lawyers said. “But we will continue to request that the court ease bail conditions to allow Ghosn to communicate or meet his wife.”

Carlos is currently facing four indictments following his initial November 2018 arrest in Japan. The first two are charges of failing to disclose more than $80 million in deferred compensation. The rest are breach of trust charges accusing Ghosn of intentionally diverting company money away from Nissan for personal gain.

He denies the charges against him, suggesting he was onthe receiving end of an industrial coupto unseat him and his supporters. Guilty or innocent,that coup sort of came to passwith Nissan and Renault doing their utmost to remove anyone with ties to the former business leader. Now Ghosn just wants a firm trial date and access to the evidence the prosecution plans to use against him so he can build hisowncase. His legal team has faulted the prosecution with tampering with evidence by giving it back to Nissan. They’re also worried the company may dispose of potentially exonerating evidence.

“Tokyo prosecutors have repeatedly and systematically denied Mr. Ghosn fundamental rights of due process and turned the presumption of innocence on its head,” Ghosn’s legal team said in a statement to mark the one year anniversary of his arrest.

[Image: Nissan]


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