Er is nog een andere Volkswagen Golf die u in 2020 niet kunt krijgen


Byon August 7, 2019

Unlike the Sportwagen and Alltrack, however, this vanishing act might have a happy resolution. With production coming to an end on various seventh-gen Golfs, the top-flight Golf R will take a powder for the 2020 model year, leaving American Golf buyers with a significantly slimmed-down lineup from which to choose.

According to Volkswagen of America, the only Golfs on offer for the coming model year are the e-Golf, available in SE and SEL Premium trims, a singular Golf Value Edition  that lumps certain niceties (leatherette, sunroof, Wi-Fi, etc) into a carefully tailored package, and the hot-hatch GTI. Buyers of the GTI can expect additional standard safety equipment (blind spot monitoring, front brake assist, rear traffic alert) on their S and SE trims, the only trims available for 2020.

Image: VW

As you can see, the Golf R has all the presence of Jimmy Hoffa in this lineup. A spokesperson for the automaker confirmed toMotor Authoritythat production has ceased on the current R, but wouldn’t offer an assurance that the model will return when eighth-gen Golfs appear on these shores. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t seem like there’d be much in the way of Golfs to choose from.

Indeed, sales figures show the regular Golf in adownward plunge, with more stable figures for the better-selling GTI and low-volume-but-high-margin Golf R. Surely, VW isn’t about to let a hot hatch die. At last report, earlier this year, the automaker said it was considering “other Golf models” for the North American region — referring specifically to models other than the regular, unboosted Golf.

With 288 horsepower and 280 lb-ft on tap from its turbo 2.0-liter, the Golf R is viewed as the elder statesman of Hot Hatchland, though the model faces growing competition from the likes of Honda and Hyundai.

[Images: Volkswagen of America]


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