Deze week werd de Pritzker-prijs uitgereikt aan Yvonne Farrell en Shelley McNamara


Grafton Architects

This week on Dezeen, architectsYvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamarabecame the fourth and fifth women to everwin the prestigious Pritzker Prize.

On Tuesday, the Irish duo and founders of Grafton Architects were named asthis year’s laureates for the life-time achievement award, which has been given annually since 1979.

Farrell and McNamara were selected by the Pritzker Prize jury for being “pioneers in a field that has traditionally been and still is a male-dominated profession” and also for “their generosity towards their colleagues”.

Universita Luigi Bocconi School of Economics; Milan, Italy, 2008
Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara name eight key projects from their career

The pair are just two of five female architects to have received the award, followingZaha Hadidin 2004,Kazuyo SejimaofSANAAin 2010, and Carme Pigem ofRCR Arquitectesin 2017.

To celebrate the occasion, Dezeen looked back at Farrell and McNamara’s selection of keyprojects they believe to have defined their career.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 postponed due to coronavirus
Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 postponed due to coronavirus

Elsewhere, the continued spread of the Covid-19 strain ofcoronavirusresulted in more design and architecture events being postponed.

Organisers of both theVenice Architecture Biennale 2020andMIPIM property fairin Cannes chose to postpone until June in a bid to restrict the spread of the virus.

Hyundai unveils Prophecy electric vehicle concept with
Hyundai unveils electric vehicle concept that looks like a “perfectly weathered stone”

Car design took centre stage this week as numerous brands revealed concepts that were scheduled to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show,which was also cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Hyundai revealed visuals ofits latest Prophecy concept car, which is designed with “voluptuous” side sections to evoke a pebble. Renault was another manufacturer to unveil a futuristic car. Named Morphoz,the all-electric concept vehicle has a shapeshifting bodythat be physically expanded.

BMW unveils flat logo in first rebrand for two decades
BMW unveils flat logo in first rebrand for two decades

Another electric car design unveiled this week wasAmi by Citroën, which will be available on a subscription service to city-dwellers as young as 14 years old.

BMW was also in the spotlight as it introducedits first rebrand two decades. Its new flat logo has had its hallmark black ring replaced with a transparent ring.

Overtreders W and Bureau SLA Music Pavilion at Sint-Oelbert Gymnasium with Pretty Plastic cladding by Overtreders W and Bureau SLA
Pretty Plastic shingles made from recycled PVC windows and gutters are “first 100 per cent recycled cladding material”

Recycled building materials hit the headlines in the architecture world, as Scottish startup Kenoteq launcheda brick composed of 90 per cent construction waste.

Architecture studios Overtreders W and Bureau SLA also unveiled theirPretty Plastic shingles that are made from waste PVC. The studios claim it is the “first 100 per cent recycled cladding material”.

Frank Gehry's tower at Luma Arles in France photographed by Atelier Vincent Hecht
Frank Gehry’s twisting Luma Arles tower nears completion in France

Other architecture news this week includedRenzo Piano’s completion of an oval-shaped toweron Miami beachfront that contains 18 floors of apartments.

Frank Gehry’s twistingLuma Arles tower was photographed close to completionin the south of France at its full height of 56 metres.

Deformed Roofs of Furano by Yoshichika Takagi
Yoshichika Takagi adds translucent facade to asymmetric house in Hokkaido

Projects that were enjoyed by readers this week included anoff-grid cabin in Chile,a concrete studio for sculptor Monika Sosnowskaand an asymmetricJapanese house with a translucent facade.

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