Deze gast besteedt veel, veel te veel tijd en geld aan tankstations Mini Marts


A bizarreSkoda Octaviarecently spotted in Romania has been adorned with such add-ons that you’ll be left flabbergasted by what you see.

These images, shared on aFacebookpage about Skodas, show the Octavia sitting in a parking lot and modified with dozens of chrome and black plastic trimmings. Let’s start with the black plastic, shall we?

It’s difficult to say for sure what these plastic parts are but some of them resemble the wind deflectors or rain guards you may affix to a vehicle’s side windows. It seems evident the Octavia owner somehow came into the possession of dozens of these rain guards and has stuck them to the sedan’s hood, tailgate, rear quarter panels, C-pillars, rear bumper, and roof.

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Then we come to the chrome. Found at the front of theOctaviaare a number of chrome accents around the headlights, across the hood, and attached to the bumper, likely with nothing more than double-sided tape. These chrome parts continue across the rear fascia and the owner also went to the trouble of sticking on ‘Sport’ and ‘3.2’ badges onto the rear.

As if that wasn’t enough, the weird modifications continue in the cabin. There appears to be a secondary rear-view camera sitting on the dashboard (or a weird display), a handful of different phone mounts, a bunch of random charging cables, a bespoke shift lever, and even chrome accents stuck to the steering wheel.

If you want a lesson on how to not modify a car, this is it.

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