Dealers laten klanten geen lease-overeenkomsten retourneren, waardoor ze onder druk komen te staan ​​in extensies


Thecoronavirushas made buying a new car a bit more difficult, but that’s nothing compared to the problems some people with expiring leases are experiencing.

USA Todaynotes the case of Jenna Figueroa whose lease on a Kia Sportage was set to expire on April 11th. The week before the lease was set to end, she called her dealership to set up a time to return the vehicle.

Much to her surprise, the dealer said they couldn’t accept the crossover unless she leased another vehicle from them. The reported reason for this? Their parking lot was full.

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That’s obviously not right, so she called Kia Motors Finance who told her the dealership must accept the return. A representative from Kia Motors Finance reportedly called the dealership, only to be hung up on by the dealership manager.

After getting the runaround, Figueroa called two other Kia dealerships who also reportedly refused to accept her return.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated incident as the publication talked to nine other people who have experienced problems returning their leases. Many of them said they were pressured into extending their lease or leasing a new vehicle.

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One of those people was Pablo de Miranda whose lease on aBMW X3was set to expire at the end of the month. His dealership told him his only option was a free one-month lease extension, but he’d still be on the hook registration and insurance.

He wanted to return the vehicle, but was reportedly told by a dealership employee “Do you know we are in a pandemic? You should be less selfish and think about what’s going on in the country!”

So is this actually legal? Probably not according to an attorney who spoke to the publication. As he noted “When the lease is up, if the consumer says, ‘I want to return my car,’ and they say, ‘We won’t take it back,’ they’re absolutely breaching the contract.”

Another attorney was even more blunt as they said “The reality iscar dealersare always just pulling crap on people and trying to get away with what they can. It’s just the nature of the business.’’

The whole article is worth a read and you cancheck it out here.

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