The Toyota Prius was an icon of the early 2000s for celebrities and climate-conscious drivers, why are sales now falling?


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Giorgetto Giugiaro, Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti were all born the same year within 100 miles of each other. They became some of the most influential car designers of all time.

Amazon’s “FC Ambassador” program is weird to begin with, but it got all the weirder on Wednesday, when Twitter user Diana Wilde responded to a tweet from Amazon offering tours of fulfillment centers

“The worst has to be death threats or threats of sexual violence with really graphic footage.”

Always keep an eye on your home with eufyCam E. Have peace of mind that your home is secure 365 days of the year from just one charge. Live stream video and record in 1080p for crystal-clear quality day and night.

Of all the surfaces to faceplant on, at least water is not the worst.

Despite expectations of ridiculous crowds, park attendance at Disneyland this summer has been low. But Disney knows how to turn that around.

As New York grapples with its constant demand for public spaces, some residents are objecting to the restrictive and exclusionary designs and policies that they say reflect an increasingly hostile city.

A Ring camera caught a Amazon delivery man redhanded stealing a young girl’s bike from the driveway.

The comedian announces his new special with a little help from the voice of God, er, Morgan Freeman.

The absurd and remarkable story of Sealand, a “micronation” on an eerie metal platform off the coast of England, tells us plenty about libertarianism, national sovereignty and the lawlessness of the ocean.

Feast your eyes on the rock formations at the Barracuda Lake in the Philippines, both above and underneath the water.

The company was so singularly obsessed with beating Facebook at its own game that it missed broader trends that were about to rattle the industry.

How designers and restaurateurs are emulating those sunny Los Angeles vibes indoors.