De Peugeot E-Boxer lijkt een mooie elektrische Ram ProMaster te worden


Thoughelectric cars, andespecially pickup trucks, are the hot zero-emissions battlefield, there’s another sector that’s heating up:commercial vans. Startups such asRivianand Bollinger have announced plans for vans, andFord has shown a prototype of an electric Transit. It seemsStellantisis slightly ahead of the curve, though, as it has revealed details ofits electric vanswith thePeugeotE-Boxer. And the reason you should care is that the E-Boxer and gas-powered Boxer are nearly identical to the American-market Ram ProMaster and ItalianFiatDucato.

Powering the E-Boxer is a single electric motor at the front. It’s not particularly powerful with just 122 ponies, but it has a more respectable 192 pound-feet of torque. Top speed is limited to 68 mph, which would probably need to be raised if these vans were offered in the U.S. Supplying power is one of two available battery packs: The shorter models get a 37-kWh battery that is rated for 124 miles of range on the WLTP cycle; longer models get a 70-kWh battery rated by WLTP for 211 miles. Those numbers would likely be lower in AmericanEPAtesting. While the range isn’t incredible, enormous range likely isn’t as important for delivery vans that might operate locally. These vans also come with DC fast charging in case more range is needed quickly.

Though not quick, the Peugeot E-Boxer doesn’t sacrifice on practicality. No cargo space is sacrificed for the electric powertrain, so you can fit just as much into one as a similarly configured gas model. Payload capacity is comparable to the gas vans, even the V6 ProMaster, too, with a maximum of 4,167 pounds. This number does vary based on configuration, just like cargo space. Peugeot will offer it in four different lengths with three roof heights as well as chassis and cutaway cab models. So it’s just as configurable as the regular version.

With some adjustment to how quick the E-Boxer can go, it would seem like it could be offered in the U.S. and beat some competitors to the punch. It’s all built on the existing Ram ProMaster platform that we get here. And electric power would seem appealing to businesses that need delivery vans: lower fuel and maintenance costs. Time will tell if Stellantis sees things the same way.

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