De Hyundai Veloster N gaat elektrisch voor motorsport


All images: Hyundai

All images: Hyundai

Our belovedHyundai Veloster Nis going electric.

Hyundaihas revealed its first-ever electric race car at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, andmanam I stoked to see this thing on track in the future.

The all-electric Veloster N is designed to compete in the brand newETCRChampionship, which is kicking off its first-ever season next year, in 2020. Basically, it’s a series dedicated to electric touring cars—the details on the whole thing itself are sparse but forthcoming.

Which is pretty similar to the Veloster N. Itspress releasetalks a lot about the design of the new electric racer, but it doesn’t get into any nitty-gritty details about all its specs just yet.

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From the outside, this model looks pretty similar to its ICE-powered TCR sibling—all the real interesting stuff is going on inside. Instead of that engine, though, is an electric powertrain, which is mid-mounted behind the driver. That means the power will be sent to the rear wheels. An electric rear-wheel drive racer is ahugefirst for Hyundai.

That’s about all we have regarding the specs of the car itself, with the exception of some photos showing off its in-your-face graphics. The press release further mentions that this is Hyundai’s first step toward making electric racing “one of the pillars of the company.”

If that means we’ll be able to expect more EV-swapped race cars, then I am exceptionally here for it. We’ll just have to wait patiently to find out exactly what those cars will be.

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