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A new coronavirus is spreading.

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The novel coronaviruscontinues to wreak havoc in the global technology industry. Many companies have shut factories and banned business-related travel, and major industry events likeFacebook’s F8, theGeneva Motor Show,Google I/O andMobile World Congresscontinue to be called off because of the outbreak.

COVID-19 emergedin the Wuhan region of China’s Hubei province late last year and has symptoms similar to those of pneumonia. It was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31, with Chinese scientists linking the disease to a family of viruses that includes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). The disease has killed more than 3,200 people, and more than 94,000 people have been infected in more than 60 countries.

Here’s how the outbreak, whichWHO declared a pandemic, is affecting some of the biggest names in technology.


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  • Announced it’s “recommending” all Seattle, Puget Sound area and San Francisco Bay Area employees who are “in a job that can be done from home should do so through March 25.” Company president Brad Smith also said it’ll continue to payits hourly campus workers their regular wages even if their work hours are reduced.

We are committed to making public health our top priority, while also addressing the economic and societal impact of COVID-19.

— Satya Nadella (@satyanadella)March 6, 2020

  • Warned investors that revenue in the business segment that includes its Windows operating system and Surface devices would likely miss earlier forecasts.







  • Will allow guests tocancel reservations without penaltyif they’ve booked in China through April 1.
  • Offered a new program called “More Flexible Reservations” that allows travelers to cancel eligible reservations without being charged, and requires hosts to refund the reservation regardless of any previous contracted cancellation policy. Airbnb’s service fees for trips booked through June 1 will be refundable with travel coupons.


  • Temporarily suspended roughly 240 user accounts in Mexico to prevent the spread of coronavirus after those users had come in contact with two drivers possibly exposed to the virus.
  • Announced any driver or Uber Eats delivery person who’s diagnosed with COVID-19 or is individually asked to self-isolate by a public health authority willget financial assistance for up to 14 dayswhile the account is on hold.
  • When ordering Uber Eats delivery, customers now have the option of leaving a note in the Uber Eats app asking the delivery person toleave the food at the door, rather than have an in-person transaction.
  • Created a support team to help public health authorities in their response to the epidemic. The company said this team may temporarily suspend the accounts of riders or drivers confirmed to have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Strongly recommended employees to work from home in several countries where the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing, including the US, Canada, Japan, Europe and South Korea. The recommendation extends through April 6.


  • Encouraged employees at its San Francisco headquarters to work from home after one team member was found to be “in contact with someone who was exposed to COVID-19.”
  • Has partnered with EO Products to distribute more than 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies to drivers. The company also said in mid-March that it would “provide funds to drivers should they be diagnosed with COVID-19or put under individual quarantine by a public health agency.” 


  • Closed its new plantin Shanghai for a planned week and a half after the Chinese government told private companies to temporarily cease operations.
  • Warned investors that the shutdown may “slightly” affect first-quarter profits.



  • IBM tweeted March 9 it’s encouraging employees who live and work in New York City or Westchester County towork from home until further noticeif their job permits. Both areas are subject to coronavirus community spread.



  • Cloudflare is offering its Cloudflare for Teams, a suite of security tools, to small businesses affected by the coronavirus for free for six months. It’s also helped launch in an industry effort, called, to support small companies.
  • The company is letting employees in affected regions work remotely.

Industry events

Several prominent industry events were canceled or revamped because of concerns over the coronavirus. They include:

Ook de jaarlijkse Game Developers Conference, oorspronkelijk gepland van 16 tot 20 maart in San Francisco,is uitgesteld tot een niet-specificatie d datumnadat exposanten zoals Amazon, Microsoft, Epic Games, Sony, EA en Facebook afhaakten.

De jaarlijkse cyberbeveiligingRSA-conferentievond eind februari plaats in San Francisco, maar grote exposanten zoalsIBM, Verizon en AT&T Cybersecurityhebben zich teruggetrokken.

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