CFB Vail 1968 Ford Bronco SUV


1981 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Troopy SUV

The long-wheelbase FJ45 “Troopy” was a two-door model made to carry military troops. The dimensions are perfect for a family — except for the lack of rear doors and the arrangement of back seats. When a client approached the FJ Company with the challenge of building an FJ45 into the ultimate family hauler, they jumped at the chance. Several months were spent getting the dimensions right, and the result is a Land Cruiser that Toyota never made but looks like it could have rolled off the factory line. Along with all the custom fabrication, FJ Company updated the engine and chassis with modern components, making it ride and drive like a modern vehicle.

Land Rover Defender Upgrade Kits

If you have a Defender that’s feeling a little long in the tooth, Land Rover is offering upgrade packages that will breath new life into the popular SUV. Based on the limited-edition Defender Works V8, suspension, braking, and even a boost in power to the 2012 and on models with the 2.2-liter TDCi engine. The distinctive 18-inch alloy Sawtooth wheels from the Works V8 are available for 1994 and up models, with the suspension and brakes for 2007 Defenders and up. The Classic Works Upgrade Kit rolls everything into one and is the only way to get the engine upgrade, with the caveat that it can only be ordered and installed directly through Land Rover Classic at one of two facilities in Britain.

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