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1975 Ferrari 308 GT4 Safari

The Ferrari 308 GT4 occupies a bit of a strange place in the company’s history. Originally badged under the Dino marque, named after Enzo’s son for cars with less than twelve cylinders and mid-engine layouts. The 308 didn’t become a Ferrari model until 1976 when the Dino name was phased out. It was also the first official mid-engined Ferrari road car and had 2 2 seating — definitely not Ferrari’s standard fair at the time. This 1975 308 GT4 is anything but stock. Repainted in a matte black and red “boxer” scheme, the owner has $26,000 worth of receipts for turning this Ferrari into a lifted, off-road capable machine. The car came from the factory with a parcel shelf in place of the rear seat, and the 3-liter V8 and five-speed transmission look to be in good condition, along with the underbody and interior. A very unusual Ferrari even without the mods, this is sure to catch a lot of attention.

1962 Aston Martin DB4 Coupe

Despite Aston Martin’s history of producing some of the best grand touring cars ever made, Sir David Brown and company built their name on the race track. Beginning in 1959, Aston Marting offered the DB4 with a GT-spec version of their inline-six making 302 horsepower. With a larger fuel tank, smaller trunk, and a shortened wheelbase for better handling, the DB4GT was intended for customers with competition in mind. For those that preferred a more stable, plush ride and 2 2 seating with the increased power, a very small number of standard DB4s were fitted with the GT engine. The 1962 DB4 here is one of only seven left-hand-drive models fitted with the higher-performance six and has a Gold Certification by Aston Martin Works, fully certifying its history. Painted black over a stunning red Connolly Vaumol leather, the car is one of the best DB4s on you can find on the market.

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