BMW trekt video waarin reclame wordt gemaakt voor het voordeel van seks in zelfrijdende auto's


BMW doesn’t make a self-driving  car, but that didn’t stop it from making a video with people having sex in one. The car manufacturer tweeted about the video, then inexplicably pulled out. The YouTube channel Eurobiker managed to grab a copy before it vanished.


The quick video shows a scene of a couple kissing and getting more intimate before taking things on the road. Suddenly, we’re transported to a scene of the Vision iNext concept, presumably carrying the couple inside. The ad doesn’t ever explicitly show the two inside the vehicle, but as a police vehicle motors by, the red and blue lights appear to light the steamy scene. Just like that, the video is over.

Image: YouTube

P.S., My IFTF colleague Bradley Kreit alerted me to this 2018Fast Companyarticle, “Self-driving cars will be for sex, scientists say

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