Audi Q3 Sportback SUV


Bentley Flying Spur First Edition Sedan

Bentley’s new Flying Spur sedan will be launching with an exclusive First Edition for its first year of production. The First Edition adds several features to one of the world’s fastest sedans, most prominently First Edition Union Jack Badging on the front fascia, fenders, and treadplates, and a new Flying B emblem that retracts into the hood when the car is locked. In the interior, First Edition badging is can be embroidered into the headrests, and Bentley’s Rotating Display — switchable between touchscreen display, veneered cover, or three analog dials — is standard. A full-length retractable sunroof features color-matche Alcantara blinds that deploy when the sun is highest. Optional 22″ Mulliner wheels are available, and the performance is astounding — 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 207 MPH.

Lightyear One Solar Electric Sedan

An electric vehicle isn’t truly zero emissions when it depends on the existing power grid to charge its batteries. The Lightyear One aims to reduce the impact of relying on the outlet for charging by covering the roof and hood in over 16.5 feet of advanced solar cells. These cells can operate independently of one another, meaning that if part of the car is in the shade, the part in the sun will generate electricity to power the car. Plug-in charging is going to be the main source of energy, however, and the Lightyear One can charge around 217 miles from a European 230v outlet overnight, or 354 miles in an hour with the fast-charging system. Total range with a full charge is over 450 miles, with the potential to go even further depending on the solar cells. Lightyear is taking orders for the One now, with a production run of 500 cars and a delivery date of 2021.

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