Audi laat driver vallen voor het stiekem een ​​beltoon gebruiken om te strijden in virtuele rac


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Audi Drops Driver For Secretly Using a Ringer To Compete In Virtual Race(

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Audi hasdropped driver Daniel Abt in the all-electric racing series Formula Eafter he had a pro sim driver surreptitiously race for him during a virtual competition over the weekend. He has also been told to pay 10,000 euros to charity as a result. Abt said Tuesday that he thought the idea would be funny and that he had planned to release a video about the whole ruse. The Verge reports:Abt was supposed to be competing in the fifth round of Formula E’s online sim racing series, which started up in April alongside virtual substitute series from Formula One, NASCAR, and IndyCar. The Formula E sim series was not only meant to give fans something to watch during the pandemic, but it was also supposed to keep the drivers and teams connected, all while raising funds for UNICEF. But Abt had tapped 18-year-old Lorenz Hoerzing, who has been competing in the sim racer section of Formula E’s events, to run in his place. (Hoerzing has since been suspended from the sim racing series as a result.) Abt had someone even appear on the drivers’ group Zoom call under the name “Daniel Abt” dressed in Audi red, but with a microphone blocking his face — a noticeable departure considering Abt’s lively presence on his personal streams of the previous races.

Hoerzing led most of the race in Abt’s virtual car, but he came into contact with Mercedes-Benz driver Stoffel Vandoorne, allowing Nissan driver Oliver Rowland to take the win. This initially raised suspicions because Abt had previouslystruggled to competein the earlier rounds of the virtual championship. The deception really started to unravel after Hoerzing finished third, meaning Abt was supposed to show up for thestandard post-race interviewwith the top three drivers. But he didn’t; Rowland and Vandoorne’s Zoom feeds were instead placed next to a black box with Abt’s name, and the broadcast hosts never even attempted to interview the Audi driver. During his portion of the interview, Vandoorne said was “questioning if it was really Daniel in the car.” Vandoorne vented even more on his personal Twitch channel following the race and eventried to call Abt while streaming, but the Audi driver did not pick up. Organizers of the race were reportedly able to verify that Abt was not racing based on Hoerzing’s IP address.

“I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have,” Abt said after he was caught. “I’m especially sorry about this, because I know how much work has gone into this project on the part of the Formula E organization.” In alater video, Abt said he “won’t be racing” with the Formula E team anymore.

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